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What is Tax?

Tax is a dynamic and fast paced industry which requires not only analytical ability, but excellent problem solving and commercial skills. For everything that has economic consequences, whether it is for a company, an individual or the Government - tax is relevant, as is the need for tax advisers.

The complex and diverse nature of taxation means that tax advisers rapidly develop areas of specialist knowledge.

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Our Benefits


We keep abreast of relevant trends and changes in accounting treatment, tax law, and financial management.


We treat each client with dignity and respect. We listen attentively to their goals and needs.


Our relationships with clients extend beyond financial recordkeeping and reporting.

Why Us?

Are you ready your to take your borrower’s experience to the next level? Imagine if you could eliminate paper altogether from the loan process. Digital mortgages are transforming the loan process, and we want to give you the opportunity to take advantage it. With the added security, compliance, and efficiency, we could not pass up the opportunity to offer this solution to our customers.

Vantage Multi Trust Loans offers a flexible mortgage solution to provide a highly efficient, paperless end-to-end eClosing.


A serial entrepreneur, Timothy Adeleye is the Chairman, Vantage Crown Trust Company. Tim is passionate about youth development in mental health, technology/STEM and entrepreneurship at large. He gives his support to youth across Africa through the Tim Adeleye Foundation for Africa (TAF).

Tim holds an international diploma in computing from Informatics Academy Singapore and has been certified by the Owner Managers Program (OMP) at the Lagos Business School. He is also a fellow member of the association of Applied Information Management Professionals.

As an outstanding pace setter, Tim has received accolades from various bodies including Apps Africa Award, Anzisha Prize/Mastercard foundation award, International Telecommunications Union, recognition by Kwara State Tennis Association for his immense contribution to humanity and youth development. Tim is being so specially honored for his work in developing solutions for Africa and was listed in the 2016 Mobile West Africa Awards as the Young Gun of the year.

A pioneer extraordinaire. Tim is a champion of many firsts such as the first and award winning SMS based Mobile School solution (Glo Mobile School), twitter’s first voice based platform (Glo Twitter Voice), first micro phone screen insurance service with Etisalat, Safaricom betting tips SMS service and many other running solutions across African markets.

He is the CEO/Founder of Nigeria’s award-winning multi-solution company, Optiweb Communications. Tim is a result oriented innovator and phenomenal business leader. He is also the Executive Director, Opticomm Media, Executive Chairman, Tim Homes Nigeria Ltd., Executive Director, Tim Farms Nigeria Ltd. And Chairman, Vantage Crown Trust Company. Tim and his team set a new record with the successful launch of Nigeria’s first 24hrs comedy TV channel, ULAFF TV. He leads one of Africa’s revolutionary business solution in financial technology; Rapid Cash Tanzania and Rapid Cash Nigeria.

Tim is enlisted one of Forbes 30under30, Class of 2018.

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Our firm has been providing expert tax and consulting services to individuals and small businesses throughout the country since 1989.


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